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About Veda Spa

Veda means ageless, eternal “Science “or “Knowledge” built on Siddhantas and Unchanging Principles. Veda is not just a theory it is a map for how to derive practical benefit from the knowledge.


Our mission is to become leader in the segment of wellness spas in India by ensuring a proper balance between aspiration and potential investor so that the spa guests, developer and operator gets benefits from pampering treatments & therapies.


To be the largest chain of luxury wellness spas in the country by bringing rejuvenating experience to people through innovative ideas.

Core Value

Quality, Natural, Commitment, Valuable


The practice of using touch as a healing method derives from customs & techniques rooted in ancient history, Civilization is east and west found out that natural healing and massage could heal injuries, relieve pain, prevent and cure illness. It helped reduced stress and produce deep relaxation. At Veda Spa we offer our guests wellness therapies from every corner of the world that holistically rejuvenates the mind, body and soul. We bring world class quality & rejuvenating spa services within reach for wellness in life. The triad of the mind-body-soul is the inspiration behind all our activities, be it staff training, guest service, interaction with our stakeholders or social responsibility. We believe that wellness is truly the balance of these components that reflects as lingering beauty from within. The result is a beautiful body in a spiritually aware mind.


Our team comprises of passionate spa consultants, trainers & therapist from across the globe, physiotherapists, beauticians, architects & interior designers. Our every spa is different from another in concept, looks & design. With all our efforts our Endeavour is to make a beautiful difference in your life. Believing in giving you an experience instead of a treatment, our ultimate goal is your absolute satisfaction.


Our specialty includes Day Spa Set Up, Spa Parties, Corporate Events , Spa Management for hotels , luxury residential complex and corporate.