Veda Spas - Body Work

Veda Spas Body Work

Restoration of physical function and performance

Energizing Citrus & Mineral Body Polish

This luxurious exfoliate features sustainable, ultra-fine Himalayan salt granules to gently remove the dead surface layer and allows better penetration. It also boasts the cell-rejuvenating benefits found in essential oils, which smoothes skin, boosts hydration by reducing water loss

Beautifying Back Treatment

This treatment targets the most neglected part of your body- your back. Using facial products that are customized to accommodate your skin type, this treatment reduces unwanted break-outs and leaves your skin healthy and soothed.



Hydra-Quench Mineral Body Wrap

This mud mask leaves skin noticeably radiant and glowing. It provides tighter skin texture and tighter pores; it provides a more youthful appearance and absorbs impurities without removing natural oils.




DEHLEP Herbal Body Wrap

The rich and powerful qualities of our specially made herbal body wraps to help clean your body of toxins. This treatment encouraging the elimination of toxin and brightening your skin, invigorates over your entire body, the body is re- mineralized and detoxified which promotes cell regeneration and skin toning.

Pada Shringar

Let your feet and legs be invigorated with a sea salt scrub giving them a new lease of life T.his treatment includes cuticle work, light removal of calluses, relaxing foot and leg massage and the optional application of nail polish.

Pavitra Herbal Scrub

The gentle exfoliation with our specially made scrubs from unblocks skin pores, removes dead cells and draws out impurities. It cleanses and distress at the same time.



Paraffin Hand Treatment

This treatment starts with a rub-down for your hands using peppermint polish, followed by a hand massage. The session is than completed with a paraffin mask to nourish the skin.


Paraffin Feet Treatment

A nourishing treatment for your feet using peppermint polish with a soothing foot massage that ends with a paraffin mask leaves your feet refreshed and nourished.


Absolute Eye Bright

A therapy aims to firm, brighten and refresh the delicate skin around the eye area.



Underarm Whitening

This treatment reduces pigmentation and lightens skin irregularities.



Manipura - A Healing Touch

An energizing scrub with salt crystals followed by blend of oil massage which stimulates the lymphatic system.